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AKG AKG C7 Handheld Vocal Microphone

Home Appliances > Mixers > Item 477

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Click to buy AKG AKG C7 Handheld Vocal Microphone by AKG. AKG AKG C7 Handheld Vocal Microphone
by AKG
at Guitar Center
List Price: $311.00
Buy AKG AKG C7 Handheld Vocal Microphone now.

The AKG C7 reference handheld condenser microphone delivers premium studio-quality condenser sound and hassle-free operation on any stage. Its crisp detail in the treble frequencies is highly present but never harsh and brittle. For lead and background vocals, it is a significant cut above in terms of color and nuance relative to common stage vocal microphones. Unlike a lot of stage condensers, the C7 does a great job of rejecting feedback, minimizing handling noise, and eliminating plosive pop noise. The AKG C7 delivers premium, worry-free vocal reproduction.

AKG Condenser Sound Quality
The C7 microphone features a custom-tuned super-cardioid condenser capsule with hand-selected components so your voice is reproduced with pristine clarity and sparkling highs. And the C7 handles incredibly high sound pressure levels, for maximum fidelity during your loudest performances.

Proprietary Shock Absorber Suspension
The C7 features a proprietary mechano-pneumatic shock absorber suspension that ensures handling noise won’t clutter your sound. The capsule sits on top of a unique rubber, preventing vibrations from the housing from reaching the capsule. AKG searched extensively to find the right rubber to meet the specification, ultimately working with a Viennese company to source a patented material with exceptionally strong absorptive properties. The result is far superior to mics that feature extensive internal electronic filters to minimize handling noise.

Multi-Layer Pop Noise Protection System
Even the windscreen of the AKG C7 is an engineering marvel. It features a three-layer pop noise rejection system to protect your vocals from annoying plosives. This multi-layer system includes the proprietary mic grill, dense foam underneath the grill, and a mesh layer that encases the capsule. Each layer slows down the air directed toward it, absorbing the “pops” before they ever hit the capsule.

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AKG AKG C7 Handheld Vocal Microphone
List Price: $311.00
Available from Guitar Center
Price: $249.00
Updated on 5-27-2018.
Buy AKG AKG C7 Handheld Vocal Microphone Now.

Home Appliances > Mixers > Item 42

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